Let Go of My Ego

…is probably the best CEO I’ve ever known, and his mantra is that success relies on the courage to “face facts.” He constantly challenges his number crunchers to come up with data that prove him wrong rather than right. Facing facts means “putting things in perspective” and “getting some distance.” When we become identified or “attached” to a business plan, product line, sales model, or pricing strategy this is exactly what we fail to do….

The Missing Elephant in the Bedroom

Jack Welch, GE’s former CEO and leadership maven made headlines by castigating Hewlett Packard’s board for gross negligence in the wake of the scandal that cost CEO, Mark Hurd, his job. However it was not the scandal per se that drew his ire, but that HP had done such a poor job in succession planning and overall leadership development.

Job One for Leaders

As CEO I always told job applicants that my primary job was increasing pressure while decreasing stress. Most people equate pressure with stress, but they are actually not synonymous. So what is the difference between pressure and stress?