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“You delivered one of the best lectures and training sessions I’ve ever been a part of, truly inspiring! You’re the best marketer I’ve ever seen.”
Jon Roskill, Vice President of the Business and Marketing Organization for Microsoft Corporation”What a great talk at the Greenwich Leadership Forum… I’ve been inundated with fantastic responses from the executives who attended. Thanks again for a very special day, and as Bogie said, the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”
David Miller, Director of Princeton University’s Faith and Work Initiative

“Bravo! Thank you for such a clear, motivating, powerful message. Helping businesses achieve excellence through serving others is a wonderful passion to have. It betters us all, individually and as businesses, it is the right thing to do. Thanks for re-inspiring me.”
Gregg Young, Author of Seventh Sigma Tools: Best Practices in Six Sigma, and the e-book sequels Best Practice Problem Solving: Go from Good to Great, and Best Practice Problem Solving: The Six Universal Tools


What does “aiming past the target” and a “transformation of being” have to do with your success as a person or as a business? August Turak answers these questions and many more that will help you transcend the clutter of everyday life and get at the heart of the issues prohibiting your progression to authentic transformation and ensuing success. These various topics are tailored to your organization’s needs to create explosive results for your bottom line. View our lecture menu here.


August Turak knows how to make tough decisions and make a payroll through his experiences as an entrepreneur founding a super successful company on just a few thousand dollars. He doesn’t come in and tell you what you want to hear; he tells you what you need to hear and follows it up with actionable steps to get your company on track. He focuses on everything from leadership, to sales, to marketing and much more. The problem can be as specific as training a sales team, or as diverse as executive coaching or “making your business scale.”


Want to get more in-depth training on Mr. Turak’s business and life secrets? Get a group together and roll up your sleeves for experiential and non-didactic teaching techniques that get you out of your seat and on your way to being transformed. Real workshops invented by Louis R. Mobley, founder of the IBM Executive School, are recreated by his only protégé: August Turak, to lead you on to the incredible success that IBM enjoyed as they transformed midlevel managers into corporate executives.


Do you need more tailored and personal attention? Are you looking for answers no one else can seem to answer? August Turak has spent his entire life answering those exact questions. If your aim is to live a more purposeful and engaged life, this may be for you. These spots are VERY limited and extremely selective and require an open mind, open heart, and a passion for hard work. For more information please email.

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