Business Secrets of the Trappists

The business secrets of the Trappists that August Turak learned through his relationship with the monks of Mepkin Abbey are at the heart of the ancient yet emergent business model he calls service and selflessness.

An Acorn to An Oak in 10 Years

We recently captured some behind the scenes video of our very own August Turak giving a tour of his garden. In the middle of the garden tour, Turak began to rap about how important results are to business and personal transformation. Then Chris Leithe asked about the “old oak tree,” and that led to […]

Greenwich Leadership Forum

In this Greenwich Leadership Forum event with David Miller, Director of Princeton University’s Faith and Work Initiative, Turak credits the spiritual business model of service and selflessness that he learned while living with Trappist monks for his worldly success…

Zentrepreneur: Making Meaning and Money

“What we all want is purpose and meaning in our lives and what we all fear is that we will not find that purpose and meaning in our life’s work.”

In this lecture Turak will draws on his experience as the protégé of Lou Mobley, the man who founded the IBM Executive School, 14 years working alongside the Trappist monks of Mepkin Abbey, and years studying under West Virginian Zen master, Richard Rose to describe […]

Mission: Going First

Mission is something that should be bubbling up, it’s something that is worked on by everyone from the mail room to the board room, it’s not something you instill. It has to be […]

Living the Life

What do I do? Go through your daily life with the same zeal, attention, and focus that you would use to meditate or pray. When you’re cleaning the dishes or cooking tonight, do it with intense mindfulness and examine how it feels. Realize that everything is relevant to your spirituality. Don’t figure it out, find […]


Who do you hang out with? If you want to change yourself, the most important thing you can do is to cultivate a group of people around you who are […]


What do I do? How can you be a modern day hero to people around you? What have you been “called” to do? Clearly define these things and do everything you can to achieve your “hero’s” mission and ultimate selflessness. Realize that whether we know it or not, what we are all looking for is […]


What do I do? Make and keep commitments. If you tell a friend you will meet them for a drink after work at 5:30, make sure you are there at 5:30. If you tell your employee that you will have their review done at the end of each quarter, get it done a day early […]


What do I do? Find the sweet spot of being at tension. Keep track of when you are in the “zone” and are working well at your job, as a part of your family, or in your hobbies. Write down the circumstances surrounding this and try to duplicate. Don’t figure it out, find out: Pay […]

Detach and Engage

Most people think business is getting things done, most people think management is getting things done through people. That’s truly the task of middle managers, the executive task is to […]

Reinventing Ourselves

What do I do? A little ruthless dedication works wonders. Pick something you want to do and write out a plan on how you will take a step each day. Record your results and share it with someone close to you. Don’t figure it out, find out: Stay on top of your progress all the […]

Purity of Motive

What do I do? Realize the connection between purification of motive and success in life. The more you become involved and dedicated to your mission, the more pure your motives become. The more you reach out to others, the more pure your motives will become, the purer your motives become, the more success you will […]