Monday Motivational Moment: How To Gain and Maintain Trust

WNCN: My Carolina Today with Mike Morse and Valonda Calloway August Turak appeared on WNCN’s My Carolina Today to talk about his book, Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks. That appearance led to an invitation to stay after the show for an extended interview. The extended interview turned into an opportunity for Turak to be […]

My Carolina Today – After The Show: August Turak

WNCN: My Carolina Today with Mike Morse and Valonda Calloway August Turak talks to Mike and Valonda on WNCN’s My Carolina Today about the business secrets he learned by working with the Trappist Monks. They had so many questions that they asked Turak to stay after the show so they could pick his brain a […]

Turak on WNCN’s My Carolina Today

WNCN: My Carolina Today with Mike Morse and Valonda Calloway To be successful in business, traditional thinking dictates that we should give everything that we have to make a lot of money. However August Turak teaches us that success does not mean sacrificing happiness for big profits when he sits down to talk with Valonda […]

Duke University – Five Years with a Zen Master

The crowd was on the edge of their seats as Turak took them on a wild, wonderful ride sharing his experiences in his search for the meaning of life as a young man. In the spirit of service and selflessness and giving back to our community, we offer you; our viewers, the opportunity to watch for yourself in our latest video.

EPA on Memorial Day

On Thursday, May 26th 2011, the Environmental Protection Agency held a Memorial Day Celebration and welcomed August Turak as their modern day Renaissance Man and the guest speaker. With 40 years of protecting health and the environment, the United States Environmental Protection Agency knows what it means to recognize the selfless service of others and continues to strive towards […]

Start With Leadership

What do I do? It’s always better to manage culture, not people. Start today by being the person who shows a dedication to hard work, selflessness, and your customers. Your colleagues will follow suit. Don’t figure it out, find out: Make a commitment to excellence and keep it. Find out what Turak is really offering […]

State of the State

Most of us interpret symptoms, instead of diseases. In today’s recession, everybody is running around trying to find economic solutions to a problem that isn’t economic, it’s […]

Change Everything

What do I do? Begin to practice detachment by looking at your situations realistically and objectively. Try to separate your emotions when you take an honest look at yourself. What things need to change and how do your actions affect others. Write down 3 things you can do to improve yourself and your relationships. Ask […]

Determined and Eager

Even my febrile brain is at a loss as to how to apply this wonderful video to business or anything else that is “practical.”  It is just such a wonderful piece that I had to watch it over and over and now feel compelled to share it.  On the one hand it is only a video of a singleman, Mark Alouf, […]

Triangle AMA Event

On January 20th August Turak presented “Cutting Through the Noise: Turning Products and Services into Iconic Brands” at the Triangle Marketing Association luncheon in Raleigh, NC. Following the event, president of the Triangle AMA, Shane Johnston said: “We definitely recommend Augie for another event, including our own!“ Comments from Attendees: Excellent presentation. Great verbal & […]

NASCAR, Coca Cola and Transformation

You gotta’ check out this recent Coke ad: Updating and reusing the iconic commercial from the 1970’s was EXACTLY what I recommended Coke should do in an article I wrote for Ad Age, What Bolsters the Bottom Line? Selfless Marketing. It may be a coincidence but I still feel pretty smart!  Either way this is […]