State of the State

Most of us interpret symptoms, instead of diseases. In today’s recession, everybody is running around trying to find economic solutions to a problem that isn’t economic, it’s […]

Why Adam Smith Was Only Half Right

When Adam Smith argued that human beings are essentially selfish he was not wrong but only half right.  Sure, every baby starts out screaming “Mine, Mine, MINE!,” but while some of us will remain more selfish than others, we all move toward selflessness as we mature. In fact immaturity in adults is usually defined as […]

The Missing Elephant in the Bedroom

Jack Welch, GE’s former CEO and leadership maven made headlines by castigating Hewlett Packard’s board for gross negligence in the wake of the scandal that cost CEO, Mark Hurd, his job. However it was not the scandal per se that drew his ire, but that HP had done such a poor job in succession planning and overall leadership development.

3 Keys to Competing

When we consider “the competition” as other companies offering similar products we are only partially right. There are three levels to competition and our direct competitors are only the first and most obvious.

Transcending Capitalism

Although it may be difficult to agree given the current economic circumstances, capitalism is not essentially immoral. In Adam Smith’s, The Wealth of Nations, he explains peoples’ economic motivation the following way: “By preferring the support of domestic to that of foreign industry, he intends only his own security; and by directing that industry in […]

Mission: Going First

Mission is something that should be bubbling up, it’s something that is worked on by everyone from the mail room to the board room, it’s not something you instill. It has to be […]