The Perfect Weekend

I just finished up an incredible weekend with Steve Shriver and Ray Sosko– two old friends from grade school. It was also Ray and Steve who, when we were just twenty, accompanied me to that momentous lecture by that hill billy Zen Master who radically upended my life. What made our reunion so special is […]

My Father’s Question

Interludes of openness and candor between my father and me were exceedingly rare. So rare in fact that I remember and treasure every one of them. Several years before he died at 86 he suddenly said. “Augie, what you’ve built your life around is too abstract. People need things that are down to earth and […]

The Magical Memories of My Merry Christmases Past

I grew up in a 950 sq. ft. house with a tiny kitchenette, one bath, seven younger siblings, and the occasional dog. Not to put too fine a point on it, we didn’t have much money so my parents were forced to scrimp on just about everything. But no matter how tough times were my […]

Turak on Friday Night Live

On August 9th, 2013 Turak appears on Friday Night Live with host Mark Sutherland on Static Beach Radio. Turak speaks to Sutherland and his co-hosts at 7:10-7:25 PM (EST) and again a couple hrs later, 9:05-9:30 PM (EST). Be sure to tune in! Click here to listen live. An “On the Air” sign blinks red […]

Miracle on the Mississippi, Down in the Delta

One of August Turak’s recent articles on Forbes about Doug Friedlander got some much deserved attention and inspired a recent article in The New York Times. Down in the Delta, Outsiders Who Arrived to Teach Now Find a Home by Brent Schulte appeared in The New York Times on July 21st and Friedlander’s dedication, determination, and above all else his many acts of service and selflessness have once again made the news!

Service and Selflessness Spotlight: Images Everything

Thanks so much, Dr. Carter, for your willingness to help us without asking for anything in return. Your selfless actions and your gift to is most appreciated. We are so grateful we got the opportunity to work with such a true professional. You are a great example of service and selflessness at work!

August Turak on the Podcast

August Turak was recently interviewed by Stephen Lahey on the® podcast on business/personal transformation. The podcast provides you with fresh sales and marketing ideas from real-world experts — people with years of hands-on experience building healthy businesses with strong sales and marketing results.

A Wake-Up Call For Leadership

Whether it is in business, leadership, or our personal lives, the most important things we must learn cannot be “taught” to us. Instead they must “come to us,” sometimes in a flash of realization, and this experience is often described as a feeling of “waking up.”

Duke University – Five Years with a Zen Master

The crowd was on the edge of their seats as Turak took them on a wild, wonderful ride sharing his experiences in his search for the meaning of life as a young man. In the spirit of service and selflessness and giving back to our community, we offer you; our viewers, the opportunity to watch for yourself in our latest video.

The Zen Kitchen

I am at the end of my rope. I am nauseated by life; it is insipid, without salt and meaning. If I were hungrier than Pierrot I would not choose to eat the explanations people offer. One sticks a finger into the ground to smell what country one is in; I stick my finger into […]

Faith and Doubt at 40 Below

Whether God exists is a legitimate question. That man needs a God is an incontrovertible fact. – Carl Jung   One day at Mepkin Abbey monastery, Father Christian and I were in the breezeway that separates the monastic offices from the refectory. While chatting we were approached by a self-professed atheist who said he was visiting […]

Change Everything

What do I do? Begin to practice detachment by looking at your situations realistically and objectively. Try to separate your emotions when you take an honest look at yourself. What things need to change and how do your actions affect others. Write down 3 things you can do to improve yourself and your relationships. Ask […]