Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks

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Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks – August Turak Quotes

Page 5. “It is in our own self-interest to forget our self interest.”

Page 9. “The more successfully we forget our selfish motivations, the more successful we become.”

Page 9. “Service and selflessness is not about sacrificing growth and profitability … It’ just damn good business.”

Page 34. “Talent is not in short supply. Passion is.”

Page 44. “If we stick to our mission of service and selflessness, the monetary and other rewards will take care of themselves.”

Page 44. “The less I worry about money, the more money I make.”

Page 51. REVISED “Don’t be content to be good at your job; be good at life.”

Page 60. “Profit is not the goal of a business. It is merely a yardstick that measures how well we are accomplishing our mission.”

Page 69. “Managers get things done while executives decide on missions worth doing ~ Louis R. Mobley.”

Page 74. REVISED “Do everything you can to help people get over the bar – without lowering the bar.”

Page 76. “In the end it isn’t what we do, but what we don’t do that makes all the difference.”

Page 83. “Self-knowledge is the most valuable knowledge of all.”

Page 84. “If we don’t start building the right habits around the little things, we won’t be around long enough to worry about the big things.”

Page 84. “Good people with good intentions are not enough.”

Page 94. “The more we sacrifice for a goal or mission, the more passionate we become about that goal or mission.”

Page 95. “The more you invest, the more invested you become.”

Page 103. “Excellence is its own reward.”

Page 103. “Great leaders and great organizations are distinguished not by their skills but by their values.”

Page 108. “Once you know what it feels like to be your best, you never, ever want to go back.”

Page 111. “Never lecture. Act.”

Page 118. REVISED “Instant gratification lures us into taking ethical shortcuts that can ruin a business, a reputation, or even a life.”

Page 127. “Trust the process.”

Page 139. “The problem with life is that it must be lived forward and only understood backward.”

Page 147. “Trust is the most powerful tool that a leader or organization can have.”

Page 150. “Nothing builds trust better than anticipating your obligations and delivering on them without being asked.”

Page 150. “It is impossible to be trustworthy in business if you are unreliable in the rest of your life.”

Page 159. REVISED “Great leaders share values and attitudes rather than skills and knowledge.”

Page 159. “If you want to become a trustworthy person, you first must be able to trust yourself.”

Page 166. “Trust in business is everything, and to establish trust, we must have the courage to offer it.”

Page 177. REVISED “There is a world of difference between making a commitment and becoming committed.”

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