Want To Be Successful Without Selling Your Soul?

I was featured on the 1 Simple Thing podcast with Dave Kirby recently. We talked about finding meaning and authenticity in our business. It’s a five day series where I spend about 10 minutes each day – Monday through Thursday – sharing one simple thing listeners can do to make a lasting change in their […]

The Life Worth Living

“Man is a mystery. If you spend your whole life trying to puzzle it out do not say you wasted your time. I occupy myself with that mystery because I want to be a man.” Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote this in a letter to his brother when he was just 17. I have had this quote […]

The BBC and Me

Had a great time last night on the BBC show Business Matters. I am huge fan and honored to be an ongoing contributor. You can listen here to the show if by some act of God you missed me last night!! I was asked to take a quick quiz prior to the show. The quiz […]

A Secret to Success

Great people don’t just do what is asked or expected: They ANTICIPATE by doing things WITHOUT BEING ASKED. For example: If your boss EVER has to ask you for a status report on something you are working on you are FAILING. Yes, you are failing even if you are actually doing great work and are […]

The BBC Meets August

Had a great time on Business Matters last night on the BBC. I know lots of you are now kicking yourselves for missing out. But take heart here’s the link online. As usual I am witty, succinct, incisive and perspicacious so don’t miss it! After my guest appearance on the BBC’s show Business Matters, Melissa […]

God Speaks

Is God a Taoist? written by Raymond M. Smullyan in 1977 is hands down one of the coolest things I’ve ever read and it is hilariously funny to boot.  It is a conversation between God and a mortal man who wants to be freed from his own free will.  It was written by a logician and later in […]

Brother Robert

Mepkin Abbey recently lost my friend and Hero Br. Robert.  It was Br. Robert who in my book, Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks, tells me,  “You know everyone wants to die like a Trappist, but no one wants to live like one.” Br. Robert was an incredibly hard worker.Every day for many years he […]

It’s Good To Be A Saint

Several weeks ago my brother Tom and I went to Myrtle beach to see our Aunt Helen and her children our cousins. My Aunt Helen is my father’s younger sister and I simply adore her.  When I was a kid we couldn’t afford vacations, but for me spending a couple weeks every summer visiting my […]

The Power of Transformation & Personal Trainers

August Turak recently took his own advice when he embarked upon a personal journey to physical health. You can read about his journey in the YMCA of the Triangles article, One Secret to Success: Hire a Personal Trainer. The proof is in the pics. Here are the before and after photos of Turak’ s journey and […]

My Mom

In 1984 my mother died. It is now 2015. She has been dead for 31 years. I am now just one year older than she was when she passed away at 61. My mother married at what was then the ripe old age of 28 and went on to have 10 pregnancies and 8 children […]