Purity of Purpose

It’s a long story that should be book: A book I’d write if I thought anyone would believe me, but I once met and befriended an American man who had spent 17 years fighting to the death in an Asian underground martial arts circuit. He happened to be staying at my house for his birthday […]

Business Secrets Wins Axiom Book Award

My editor at Columbia University Press just informed me that Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks is now an award-winning book. I was delighted to hear this and wanted to share the news with all of you and thank you once again for your help in making my book so successful. Hi August – I’m […]

Gone… But Not Forgotten

March 18th was my brother Jamie’s birthday. 12 years ago he, my brother Dan and my brother Tom were snowmobiling in the Rocky Mountains near Vale when they veered off the trail in whiteout conditions and -40 degree temperatures. One, two, three they all plunged over a 400 foot cliff. Though seriously injured Dan and […]

Turak Named Keynote Speaker for Oregon Entrepreneurs Network

August Turak has been named the keynote speaker at the OEN’s Angel Oregon Spring 2014 Showcase which is being held on April 16th, 2014. Whether you’re an early-stage entrepreneur hoping to gain visibility for your company, an investor looking for the Next Big Idea, or a business leader seeking new connections, OEN hopes you’ll join them […]

Business Secrets Released in Korea and Taiwan

Good News! My book, Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks has been translated into Korean and Chinese for release in Korea and Taiwan. I just heard that a Portuguese version will soon be released in Brazil. My congratulations and heartfelt thanks to Justine Evans at my publisher Columbia University Press for doing these deals. Here’s […]

How I Won Isabel’s Heart

“In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” - Alfred Lord Tennyson I keep telling people that when service and selflessness pays off it pays off in ways you can’t anticipate or expect. Well it just happened for me. A Mexican-American bricklayer repaired a wall for me last weekend. On Sunday […]

August’s Appearance on The Boss Show

August recently appeared on The Boss Show with co-hosts Jim Hessler and Steve Montenko. Jim & Steve discuss with Turak the profound business success of the Trappist Monks and explore why personal growth shouldn’t be seen as a path to success. Click here to listen! Jim Hessler is known as “the business guy” and Steve Montenko is […]

Monday Motivational Moment: How To Gain and Maintain Trust

WNCN: My Carolina Today with Mike Morse and Valonda Calloway August Turak appeared on WNCN’s My Carolina Today to talk about his book, Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks. That appearance led to an invitation to stay after the show for an extended interview. The extended interview turned into an opportunity for Turak to be […]

YoPro Wealth: Wealth with a Capital “W” (Part 2)

Some of the keys to true wealth have nothing to do with money directly. And this episode of YoPro Wealth, you will learn what we mean and how to achieve ‘Wealth’ with a capital “W”. This is the 2nd half of Austin Netzley’s discussion with August Turak, the New York Times bestselling author of Business Secrets of […]

What Your Kids Need to Know About Leadership

Great leadership is not a skill. Leadership relies on values and attitudes. Here is one attitude that every great leader has. Every month I have dinner with a group of local executives and entrepreneurs. Ostensibly we gather to discuss an assigned reading, but more often than not the conversation devolves into sharing “war stories.” At […]

Food for Thought

Who Is Exploiting Who? Years ago I read a fascinating biology book about how animals and plants “manipulate” and “exploit” people. From a biological perspective the goal of the game is to pass on genes. From this perspective while an apple tree’s competitors are busy going it alone and perhaps going extinct, the apple tree […]

We’re All Salesmen

Jim Collins, my wonderful boss at what is now the A&E Network used to say: “Remember Augie, everybody got a boss. The vice president reports to the president. The president reports to the CEO. The CEO reports to the chairman of the board, and the chairman reports to his wife. All God’s children got a […]

My Carolina Today – After The Show: August Turak

WNCN: My Carolina Today with Mike Morse and Valonda Calloway August Turak talks to Mike and Valonda on WNCN’s My Carolina Today about the business secrets he learned by working with the Trappist Monks. They had so many questions that they asked Turak to stay after the show so they could pick his brain a […]

Turak Speaks on Strategies for Living

August Turak recently spoke with David McMillian on his Strategies for Living podcast. Turak offered listeners his advice and strategies for living an authentic life. Click here to listen. Strategies for Living is a daily radio/podcast program, hosted by Family Therapist David McMillian, dedicated to helping listeners improve their quality of living in body, mind, spirit […]

How to Write a Plan or Proposal That Rocks

Pat Grotto is one of the most colorful and charismatic leaders I’ve ever met. He is also the only six foot three Italian-American I’ve ever seen. As a top executive, he spent a lot of time reviewing plans and proposals from various subordinates, agency representatives, and outside consultants. Most of these encounters went something like […]

I Leave the Monks Laughing

I visited Mepkin Abbey over the Christmas holiday for a few weeks of soul inspiring janitorial work with Trappist monks! I thought I’d share this short story about my recent trip to the monastery. One of my former Duke students sent me a copy of the movie My Life which I had never seen for […]

Turak talks on The Michael Dresser Show

August Turak joined Michael Dresser on The Michael Dresser Show to talk about his book, Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks. The Michael Dresser Show is the place for authors and experts to spread their word with your everyday answers to life. Click here to listen. The Michael Dresser Show has evolved over the years […]